Statement from Matching Visions

Dear Matching Visions Client/Partner

We are excited to inform you that we have now become part of Acroud Group.

At Matching Visions we value the trust put into us by both our affiliates and operators and this partnership with Acroud will only improve and enhance the level of service and product we are offering to you.

We want to reassure you and your partners personally that nothing will change in terms of your account or the current deals or agreements you have in place with us and that we will continue to operate as normal. Any changes that do occur in the future will only be improvements.

Matching Visions Co-Founder Dennis Dyhr-Hansen commented ‘We’re excited about this new chapter for MatchingVisions and to be part of Acroud. We will strive to deliver an even better experience for our clients and continue our aim to become one of the leading affiliate powerhouses’.

Matching Visions COO, Leanne Muleba commented ‘This is a great opportunity for us to grow so much more and help all of us to be the best we can be as a company and as a team! We expect 2021 to be the best for Matching Visions!’

From the Matching Visions team we are excited for the next chapter and hope you are too. 

Together we grow!

About Acroud:

Acroud is a fast-growing global challenger in digital comparison and news services. Since the Company’s establishment in 2003, Acroud have expanded to 30 countries and offer +30 sites under strong digital brands in over 20 languages. Through the services, Acroud helps and guides users to make the right decision based on their needs. Acroud currently have about 70 employees in several countries, with head office in Malta.